We are a civic association focused on the production of independent films, music, promotion and advertising, for more go to: http://www.forleaf.cz/.

We would appreciate any support for the proposed project – material or financial donation.
To make the documentary film worth something, we need to hire high-quality technology and process the video.

In return, we can offer you promoting your brand in the film, from which it would be no problem to cut a short propagation spot and of course the presence of your logo on this site. If you have any other requirements, there is no problem to talk about it on the phone number or email given below.


The total estimated costs of the project is cca 170 000 Kč (6539 €, $ 8519) (about 19 000 Kč (730,8  €, $ 952) per person).

The total estimated costs includes oil fuel, food, car rental, insurance, reserve fund etc. and it’s based on experience of similar projects.

Indeed, we are trying to reduce the total cost, and even you can contribute. For example, in present time we are trying to borrow for free or rent some big nine-seated car for the lowest possible price, more info here.  It’s been already said, that we will be thankful for every material or financial gift, because even the smallest gift enables us to reduce the total cost. Thank you.

If we don’t manage to get the equipment for the shooting for free, we will have to include the price for the renting it to our costs so it can climb up to 300 000 Kč (11 538 €, $ 15 033)

Do you want to know more information?

Contact us by phone at +420736709130 or e-mail address: marta.ochmanova@cm2013.cz.



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