An interview with Pavel Mašek

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An interview with Pavel Mašek

First short interview with member of the “Cesta k písmu” team. Today our questions were targeted on Pavel Mašek, our director and cameraman. Who is Pavel Mašek? And how did he get to our project?

1. Could you tell us several words about you – about Pavel Mašek?

I’m Pavel and I’m 22. These days I finished bachelor´s studies to become cameraman. But in the matter of this document, I’m its director as well. It was the same in the case of my bachelor movie Pouť (Pilgrimage). I’m interested in music, graphics as well, as I have studied graphics as well.

2. How did you get to the expedition Cesta k písmu (Holy Wit’s Journey)?

I was working on another document when I met Pavel Voříšek. He presented me his plans. And as these Pavels’ “crazy” plans joined such an important historic event, which reaches over till these days, I started to think about it. I was thinking about it hard and long. It is not easy to make a document. It is very difficult, expensive and thus, as I thought, impossible to realize. Nevertheless, when searching for deeper sense of the enterprise of Cyril and Methodius, I realized that everything is possible when one wants and does something for it.

3. What do you expect of a document named Holy Wit´s Journey?

I would like to point out that everything is possible. Every change. I decided for one such a change. For if I don’t like something about our present world a society – there’s a manner to change something. And be means ot this document, I would like to point out people who decided to change something. I hope we will be successful.

4. Why do you think people should be interested in our expedition? What is unique about it?

Certainly it is the only bike expedition following the most probable trace of Cyril’s and Methodius’s journey. We will not only ride this journey, but we will be connected with you (by electronic media) and everyone of you will have the occasion to find what he/she likes. You will have the possibility to watch our sport efforts, culture of different nations, possible changes of members and to be nearer to Cyril’s and Method’s mission. It’s like a small reality show.

5. Your are working on this movie, being still a student. Do you think you have experience enough for a document like this?

Every shot I make means learning something new. I’m not afraid at all. I got most of my experience through my last document, which was my bachelor work in the same time. It was born within 14 days! And this my document won a price from atelier manager. It won even a price from beholders at the festival in Lipník nad Bečvou and this happened even before its public presentation.
Except this I shot video-clips, adverts and school works. I think I have experience enough to do this.


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