An interview with Daniel Kompas

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An interview with Daniel Kompas

The third from the interviews with “Cesta k písmu” participants. This time our sound engineer Daniel Kompas anwered a few questions! How did he get to the expedition? And why doesn’t he rather go by bike?


1. Could you tell us several words about you?

I’m Daniel and I’m 20. Since September I’m going to study sound engineering, but I have worked closely with Pavel Mašek on the majority of his projects for the long time. I’m also interested in music and programming, because I studied informatics.

2. How did you get to the expedition Cesta k písmu?

Well, that was simple, in the winter we were working on something with Pavel Mašek, and he mentioned, that Pavel Voříšek (whom I knew through collaboration on another documentary film) wants to go by bike somewhere to eastern Europe and he even wants us to shoot it. So it’s sounded like kind of road-movie to me, which is a thing I always wanted to try, so I agreed. There is also some deeper meaning of course, but I won’t bother you with that.

3. What do you expect from Cesta k písmu?

Well, the big target is to remind people, that there even existed some Cyril and Methodius, who brought us font, faith and a lot of other good stuff. Another thing what I expect from this project is huge deepening of experiences and moving forward as a sound engineer. And  finally, I’ll be able to experince new countries of the eastern Europe, their culture, beautiness, people etc..

4. Why do you think people should be interested in our expedition? What is unique about it?

I think, that it’s one of a few cycling expeditions to eastern Europe, which will be shot as a documentary film and people will be able to follow it through social network, website and short video reports during the journey. I’d say, that everyone can find what he likes in it and as Pavel said in his interview, it will be kind of a reality show and everyone likes reality show. Even if they say, they hate it, they still have this thought in their head: „I should look, what’s happening with them right now…“.

 5. Why don’t you go by bike?

Haha, good question. Well, firstly, I don’t have a bike, because some good-natured man stole it (certainly with the intent to give it to the poor children in Ukraine). Secondly, I’m absolutely not trained, so I would fall away after the first day, if not sooner. Finally, I’m gonna take care of the whole document and video reports, so I guess it would be really hard to do this and cycle many kilometres  a day.

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